Hori Apex Wireless Racing Wheel (PS4)4961818031043 CC: 9504500000 Made in: CN

PlayStation4 /PC compatible wireless steering controller. We realize free play style because it is wireless. It also has a built-in battery, eliminating the need for cumbersome battery replacement. ※ Wired connection is available between the foot pedal and the steering unit. Equipped with a mode that makes it easy to perform the steering return operation and the counter operation at drift. The vibration function can be installed to get a feel of the detailed road surface condition, and the optimum line can be taken. * This product does not have a force feedback function. With the button assign function, you can change the function of steering grip button, paddle and foot pedal. Diameter 280mm, rubber blob with knobs Full steering enables accurate steering operation. 270 degree rotation angle, spring tension system for quick cornering control.
Manufacturer: Hori
SKU: 4961818031043
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