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42mm Space Black Link Bracelet Kit Item Code: ZKMM062ZMA

Crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the case and the Link Bracelet, these links extend the 42mm stainless steel Link Bracelet by an additional 40mm. And thanks to a simple release button, you can add and remove them without any special tools. An additional diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer gives the Space Black stainless steel its distinctive look.
7 500 Lekë

44mm Papaya Sport Band - S/M & M/L Item Code: ZKMV772ZMA

Made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft. The smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit.
7 500 Lekë

Deimos Gaming Mouse

Are you an adventurous gamer who knows no compromise? Deimos by Canyon is the best option for those who love stylish design and dynamic exciting games. This mouse is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable win in any game: the new generation optical sensor Sunplus, four levels of DPI and 7 programmable buttons that could be easily programmed according to your individual needs. Flawless form, optimized weight, a soft-touch rubberized finish and stylish lightening – the design of this mouse keeps up with its technical parameters!Ă‚Â In addition, the mouse has a built-in memory module, with allows you to quickly transfer settings from one computer to another.Ă‚Â At last but not least, the interface of the mouse driver is localised to many languages that allowĂ‚Â you to fine-tune everything quickly without wasting time on translation.
2 690 Lekë

Despot Gaming Mouse

Whether you play WoW or another MMORPG online game, you know just how many buttons you need to press. This top-notch gaming mouse is designed for the most sophisticated users. With its 17 MMO-tuned customizable buttons, adjustable weights and accurate optical sensor, it is really comfortable and lightweight, and has plenty of features. And it can be fully customized using Canyon Gaming software that meets all latest requirements.
4 790 Lekë

Fobos Gaming Keyboard

Fobos keyboard is a membrane type device for experienced games who like to play modern games on top requirements. The keyboard has 5 keys for assigning macros and 8 well-designed multimedia keys. The keys are highlighted by flame-coloured LED backlighting, giving you the right mood for late night gaming sessions. Its ergonomic design and aggressive spiky shape will be a good addition to your non-standard gaming setup. An On-board memory module allows to save your settings and backup your entire gaming profile right on the device.
3 390 Lekë

Gaming Mouse Mat 350x250 mm

You can beat the odds with the careful choice of a proper mouse mat! This one was designed for you to win any battle. Control-type surface of heavily textured weave allows to move a mouse on this mat as precisely as possible. The lower side of it is made of anti-slip rubber base and the upper one is stitched with anti-fraying cloth. This mat will fit with all gaming mice – from beginner to professional levels! And the stylish Canyon Gaming picture will encourage you to be a winner!
1 290 Lekë


Resolution(DPI) /LED Light Qty (PCS):512*512PX 576PCS
46 000 Lekë


130 000 Lekë


Resolution(DPI) /LED Light Qty (PCS):768*768PX 768PCS
86 000 Lekë


New 2019 30cm 3D Hologram with LED Fan 3D Hologram Advertising Desktop Holographic Fan Display LED 3D Hologram
31 000 Lekë


Resolution(DPI) /LED Light Qty (PCS):512PX 256PCS
60 000 Lekë

Interceptor Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Canyon Interceptor Gaming keyboard has sharp mechanical keys that ensure awesome feeling and great control over the game. The 4-mm key route and 2-mm trigger actuation ensure great response, while the buttons themselves can handle over 60 millions of strokes. 100% anti-ghosting and anti-jamming feature NKRO as well as “Windows/Start” button lock ensures interruption-free gaming sessions. The most remarkable feature of this keyboard is its backlighting scheme. It has 21 different types of lighting including 3 types of side-light. We’ve created 6 pre-programmed combinations of lighting setup for a selection of most popular games. You can re-program each of these combinations according to your personal needs. Given everything described above, this keyboard is a great tool for any battle you might face.
6 990 Lekë
Min: 190 Lekë Max: 677 000 Lekë
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