Xiaomi Mijia M365 Tube
Markat: Xiaomi
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  • High Quality Materials: Superior quality natural butyl rubber material, manufactured in high quality rubber top, extremely tear-resistant, scratch resistant and durable in use.
  • Easy to Install: The replacement inner tire is extremely convenient and simple to install and detach. Please check the position of the valve, and make sure you install them in the right direction.
  • Great Design: The composition of the tires promotes flexibility and the ability to withstand any pressure change, the valve design of the inner tube has been reinforced.You can inflate the tube in any station inflation.
  • Non-slip Material and Durable Use:The tire is designed with non-slip pattern to avoid slipping. You can use our product in wet ground. But still be care of yourself safe. The solid tire has been developed to respond to uneven road conditions, a durable and durable tire over time.The special rubber material with grooved surface offers excellent grip and wear resistance.