Terms and Conditions

I. Definitions

The terms used in the Regulation have this meaning:

1. “Online Store (Media Alert Store)” - a website owned by the service provider (defined below) and available at the online address, through which the customer can place orders (hereinafter) referred to as “Media Alert”);

2. “Service Provider” - Global Resource Trading sh.p.k. NUIS: L52117145V, based in Mezez Neighborhood, 28 Nëntori Street, building no. 57, Kashar MEZEZ, Tirana, e-mail address: [---] which owns the Media Alert website, and consequently offers online sales of goods;

3. "Client" - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, whose special provisions give legal capacity and to act, and who carries out orders for goods through the Media Alert website.

4. “Regulation” - the terms and conditions provided below, which regulate the manner of performing services electronically through the online site,;

5. "Goods" - products presented and offered for sale in Media Alert;

6. "Order" - proof of will of the Customer, which directly aims at concluding the contract of sale, which specifically specifies the type and number of goods;

6. “Sale Contract” - the contract of sale of goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer, through the use of the Media Alert website;

7. “Civil Code” - Law no. 7850, dated 29.7.1994 “On the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania”, amended;

8. “Client Rights” - Law no. 9902, dated 17.4.2008 "On Consumer Protection", as amended;

9. “Law on Electronic Commerce” - Law no. 10128, dated 11.5.2009 “On Electronic Commerce”, as amended;

II. General provisions

2.1. This Regulation sets out the general terms and conditions for using the online Media Alert website, which is available at

2.2. The regulation specifically defines:

a) the rules for registering and using the account within the Media Alert page;

b) the rules and conditions for making electronic reservations and orders of products available on the Media Alert website;

c) the rules for concluding the Sales Contracts, through the use of the services provided in Media Alert.

2.3 The use of the Media Alert website is possible provided that the teleinformatics system used by the Client meets the following minimum technical requirements:

a) have a web browser installed, for example: Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 9.0, Opera 8.0, Chrome 10.0.

2.4 The Client must provide with his own means, access to the computer or devices with which he is connected to the Internet, in order to use the Media Alert page.

2.5 In order to make purchases electronically, the Customer must be over the age of 18 and have full capacity to act.

2.6 This Regulation is available to Customers at any time on the Media Alert website, at the online address, who may download and / or print it.

2.7 The Service Provider reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions contained in this Regulation at any time. Modified / updated terms will be published on the Media Alert website. These changes / updates will not apply to pre-release orders.

2.8 Information about Goods presented on the Media Alert website and in particular their descriptions, technical and usage parameters, as well as prices, constitute an invitation to enter into a Sale Contract.

2.9 The Service Provider reserves the right of ownership over the products delivered until the full payment of the price by the Client (transfer of funds to the bank account of the Service Provider).

III. Rules for using Media Alert

3.1 The condition for starting the use of Media Alert by Customers is their registration on the online site of Media Alert, defined as above.

3.2 Registration is done by filling out and accepting the registration form, which Media Alert makes available to Customers on the Media Alert website.

3.3 The condition of registration is the agreement with the content of the Regulation and the provision of personal information by the Client, marked as mandatory.

3.4 The Service Provider may deprive the Customer of the right to use the Media Alert website,, and may restrict its access to part or all of the Media Alert resources, with immediate effect, in case of violation by the Customer of the Regulation and in particular, when the Client:

a) has provided during the registration on the website of Media Alert, the false, inaccurate or outdated data, fraudulent or infringing rights of third parties;

b) has committed through the online site of Media Alert, violation of the personal rights of third parties, in particular the personal rights of other Customers of Media Alert;

c) has performed other actions considered by the Service Provider contrary to applicable law and / or the general principles of Internet use, or harmful to the good name of the Service Provider and / or the online site www., of Media Alert.

3.5 To ensure the security of the transmission of messages and data related to the services provided on the website, Media Alert takes technical and organizational measures in accordance with the degree of security threat to the services provided, in particular taking measures to prevent the purchase and modification by unauthorized persons of personal data transmitted online.

3.6 Media Alert may at any time decide to suspend, modify or terminate the provision of products electronically due to maintenance work, to update or improve the site or for any other reason.

3.7 Media Alert, is not responsible for computer viruses that the website may have. The customer undertakes to use the appropriate equipment and programs to protect themselves from external attacks (viruses, various sites, etc.) while making purchases electronically.

3.8 The client is particularly liable:

a) not to provide and not to transmit content prohibited by law, for example: violent, defamatory or infringing content of personal rights and other rights of third parties;

b) use Media Alert, without hindering its operation through the use of special programs or equipment;

c) refrain from actions such as sending or posting within the Media Alert of unwanted commercial information (spam);

d) use the online site of Media Alert,, without causing damage to other Customers and Service Providers;

e) to use Media Alert in accordance with the rules in force in the Republic of Albania, the provisions of the Regulation, as well as with the general principles of internet use.

f) to keep secret his password for access to the Media Alert page.

IV. Procedure for concluding the Sale Contract

4.1. For the conclusion of the Sales Contract through the use of the Media Alert website, the Customer goes to the website, selects the product and if possible its other parameters, such as color, following the technical steps of defined in the messages displayed to the Client as well as the information available on the Media Alert page.

4.2. The selection of the goods ordered by the Client is done by adding them to the basket.

4.3. While performing the order - while the "Order" button is pressed - the Client can modify the input data and the selection of Goods. To do this, the Customer must follow the messages that appear and the information available on the Media Alert page.

4.4. Once the Client, a user of the online Media Alert website, has provided all the necessary data, a summary of the completed order will be displayed. The summary of the completed order will include information on:

a) the object of the order,

b) the unit and total price of the ordered products or services, including shipping costs and additional costs (if any),

c) the chosen method of payment,

d) the chosen method of delivery,

e) delivery time;

4.5. In order to send the completed order, it is necessary for the Client to accept the Regulation, to provide the personal information marked as mandatory and to press the button "Order with payment obligation."

4.6. Carrying out the order by the Client constitutes an expression of will and proof of his desire to enter into a Contract of Sale with the Service Provider, according to the content of the Regulation.

4.7. Upon completion of the order, the Customer receives an e-mail containing a final confirmation of all essential elements of the order.

4.8. The contract will be considered concluded from the moment of receipt by the Client, of the e-mail mentioned in point 4.7 above.

4.9. The contract of sale is in Albanian, the content of which is in accordance with the Albanian Regulation and legislation in force.

V. Delivery

5.1. Delivery of Goods is performed only within the territory of the Republic of Albania and is performed at the address indicated by the Client, during the compilation of the Order on the Media Alert website.

5.2. Delivery of ordered goods is done by courier and / or by mail. Delivery costs are specified in the product tab. In addition, delivery costs will be indicated at the time the order is placed.

5.3. Delivery time is from 1 to 7 working days from the date of ordering by the Client.

5.4. The essential provisions of the Contract of Sale of Goods, as well as the terms of delivery are made available to the Customer at the given e-mail address, attaching to the shipment containing the ordered Goods, confirmation printing, Order specifications and VAT invoice or tax coupon.

5.5 The Client undertakes to take delivery of the Good on behalf of himself or of the person on whose behalf the order was made, to the address specified by him at the time of the order.

5.6 Upon delivery, the Customer or the authorized person must prove his identity, and the confirmation of the sent Order, as well as the authorization in case of withdrawal by a third person.

5.7 During the inspection of the delivered Good, if the Customer notices that the packaging or packaging of the products is damaged, the products are missing or damaged, the Customer must describe all written remarks in the act of receipt, and receive the signature of the carrier. , and will keep a copy of the document. These remarks should be clear (determination of damages) in order to be considered by the Service Provider for the Replacement of the Good.

5.8 In case of damage to the packaging or packaging during transport, the Customer undertakes to refuse the delivery of the damaged Good by determining the reason for the refusal in the act of receipt.

5.9 By signing the act of receipt without any notice, and by accepting the Good, the Customer acknowledges that the products have been delivered in good condition. From this point on, the Customer cannot request any return or replacement of the Delivered Goods.

5.10 Delivery of the Good does not include its assembly or commissioning.

5.11 The Service Provider is not responsible for the consequences of events that are beyond its reasonable control, such as force majeure events or which depend on the carrier, which would delay or stop the delivery of the ordered Good.

VI. Prices and payment methods

6.1. Commodity prices are set in the Albanian currency (Lekë / ALL) and include VAT and customs duties.

6.2. The customer can pay the price by:

a) transfer to the bank account at Raiffeisen Bank JSC

LEK: AL12202110370000000031155991

EURO: AL94202110370000000041155991

b) PayPal payment system;

c) cash in hand to the courier who delivers the Good;

d) cash on hand during personal withdrawal at the physical store of Media Alert located at [---- -];

6.3 Commodity prices do not include shipping costs that are the responsibility of the Customer, and that vary according to the shipping distance to the address specified by the Customer.

VII. The right of withdrawal from the Sales Contract

7.1 Pursuant to Law 9902, dated 17.04.2008 "On Consumer Protection", the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale without penalty and without giving reasons, within a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of products ordered.

7.2 The product must be returned to the address specified by the Service Provider, with its packaging and packaging, not used and accompanied by all accessories, instructions for use, documents proving the purchase by electronic means and the return statement of completed.

7.3 Defective, damaged, used or contaminated returned products may not be accepted by the Service Provider.

7.4 The product price will be reimbursed to the customer. The costs of returning the returned product are borne by the Customer. Reimbursement will be made through payment to the customer's bank account.

7.5 Promotional products and custom products cannot be returned by the Customer under any circumstances.

7.6 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer must inform the Service Provider, (indicating his name, full address and, where possible, telephone number, fax number and e-mail) regarding the decision of To the Client to withdraw from the Sales Contract and compiling a clear statement where the Client expresses his intention to withdraw (for example, by means of a letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail).

7.7 The Client may also complete and send the withdrawal form from the Sales Contract or any other clear statement electronically on the website If the Client uses this option, the Service Provider will immediately send him a confirmation of acceptance of his withdrawal, clearly stated (e.g., e-mail).

7.8 Effects of withdrawal from the sales contract:

If the Client withdraws from the Sale Contract, the Service Provider will refund all payments received by the Client, including shipping costs (except for additional costs resulting from the choice of a different type of shipping). from the normal and cheapest one offered by the Service Provider).

VIII. Complaints about Goods

8.1. Advertisements or complaints that may arise from any eventual violation of the Client's rights, or in this Regulation, must be addressed by the Client to The Service Provider undertakes to review each advertisement within 7 days, and if this is not possible, it will inform the Customer during this period that when the complaint / advertisement will be handled.

8.2. The Service Provider as well as the Media Alert website that the latter owns, is not a Manufacturer of Goods. The manufacturer is solely responsible for the warranty of the goods sold under the terms and conditions and for the period specified in the warranty card. If the warranty document provides for such a possibility, the Client may file his complaint within the framework of the warranty directly to the authorized service, whose address is on the warranty card.

IX. Complaints about the provision of electronic services

9.1. The Service Provider, through the online site of Media Alert,, takes the necessary actions to ensure the proper and complete functioning of Media Alert, to the extent that it results from current technical knowledge and undertakes to remove within one reasonable time all irregularities reported by Customers.

9.2. The client is obliged to immediately notify the Service Provider, for any irregularities or interruptions in the operation of the Media Alert website,

9.3. Irregularities related to the operation of Media Alert, the Client can submit in writing to the following address: Global Resource Trading, Tirana, Municipal Unit No. 5, Ibrahim Rrugova Street, Green Park Complex, Tower 1, 6th floor, ap. 24 or using the contact form

9.4. In the complaint, the Client must provide his name and surname, postal address, nature and date of irregularities relating to the operation of Media Alert.

9.5. The Service Provider undertakes to review any advertising within 7 days, and if this is not possible, to inform the Customer during this period of when the complaint will be handled.

X. Final provisions

10.1 This Regulation as well as the Contract of Sale are regulated by the Albanian legislation in force.

10.2 Any dispute that may arise between the Service Provider and the Customer, who is a customer, shall be resolved by the competent Albanian court, determined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

10.3 The settlement of any dispute arising between the Service Provider and the Customer, who is not a customer, is subject to the competent court of the place where the Service Provider has its headquarters.

10.4 Issues that are not regulated in this act will be regulated by the Civil Code, as well as by other relevant provisions of the Albanian legislation in force.